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How to become a good front end web developer


How to become a good front end web developer

Front End Web Development is one of the most in-demand skills in today's job market. Many people think that Front end web development is a complicated and expensive skill to learn. But it doesn't have to be! There are many free resources available to teach you Front End web development for free, and they range from online courses to tutorials and online communities where you can ask questions. But the problem is "From where do we start?" This article will tell you the roadmap of the frontend web developer. From beginner level to expert level, we will cover all the important stages needed to get started with front-end web development. First, let's see Who is Frontend Developer?

Who is Frontend Developer?

Web developers can be classified as either front-end or back-end developers. Front-end web developers are the people that create the user interface for a website and are responsible for developing the visual elements of a website and its interactivity. They often use HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other technologies to create interactive web pages. While the back-end developer develops its logic and functionality of it.

Roadmap to becoming a Good Front end developer

As I am a front-end developer and Work with a startup, so I recommend you the following pathway to become a good front-end developer easily.

Stage 01 - Learn WordPress:

As you're a beginner and don't know the basic working of websites, so I recommend you learn WordPress as a starting point. WordPress is easy to learn and use. You can build great websites without writing a single line of code. The reason for "Why I am suggesting you learn WordPress?" is "by learning it you will get basic concepts of website structure and functionality of the website. You will learn "How the website works, What is a header, footer, sidebar, body, Page vs Post, theming a website and many more". Want to learn WordPress? Follow my Course available for free.

Stage 02 - Learn HTML:

In 2nd stage, you will learn HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML is a markup language for the web that defines the structure of web pages. It is one of the most basic building blocks of every website, so it's essential to learn it if you want to become a Front end developer.

Want to learn HTML? I am teaching HTML for free on YouTube. Dive Into Skills

Stage 03 - Learn CSS:

In the 3rd stage, you will learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML determines the structure of web pages. This structure alone is not enough to make a web page look good and interactive. So you'll use technologies such as CSS to make it attractive. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to style and layout web pages.

Stage 04 - Learn JavaScript:

In the 4th stage, you will learn JavaScript (JS). It is a programming language for the web. It can update and change both HTML and CSS. It can manipulate data on the website. Where HTML and CSS are languages that give structure and style to web pages, JavaScript gives web pages interactivity that engages the user. It adds functionality to the website.

Boom! Now you are a Front end Developer.

But to make your work fantastic and spicy, you have to learn a few more things, and that are frameworks. I recommend you to learn at least one FrameWork of both CSS and JavaScript.

Stage 05 - Learn CSS Framework:

In the 5th stage, you will learn at least one framework of CSS. The framework is a library that helps you work fast and make your work fantastic. Some popular CSS frameworks are the following:

  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Foundation
  • Bulma

I love Tailwind CSS. But you can learn any as you wish.

Stage 06 - Learn JavaScript Framework:

In the 6th stage, you will learn one framework of JavaScript. Some Popular JavaScript Frameworks are the following:

  • React JS
  • Angular
  • Vue JS
  • Svelte

Congratulations! Now you're ready for the Market to work as a good Front end web developer.

Pro Tip!

While learning at every stage, I recommend you to make some projects. Think about any idea and start working on it. You can follow tutorials that are already available on YouTube.